Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spring, Flower, Lake, and the Goyang Korea Flower Show!

Spring, Flower, Lake, and the Goyang Korea Flower Show!

The Goyang Korea Flower Show, which features new flower species and flower painting technology, takes place in my neck of the woods every spring. Basically, this show started in order to advertise advanced Korean floricultural industry widely and promote relevant trade and investment. Now, it is one of the biggest events in my city, Goyang. I’m going to introduce 3 things to do there.

Firstly, enjoy Korean colorful spring, fragrant flowers, and the sparkling lake.
A number of kinds of fabulous flowers decorate the whole Lake Park, where the show is held, and they are formed into interesting objects such as a castle, a mermaid, or whatever you can imagine as if you are in a fairytale, which harmonize perfectly well with the warm and breezy Korean spring. For this reason, there are always tons of people taking photos of the scenery.

Secondly, see how flowers themselves become fantastic art work through a variety of contests.
Actually, this is my favorite part since it is a good opportunity to see how flowers can be used in real life and how participants deal with the same topic in a different way. Many contests are held such as the Traditional Flower Arrangement Contest, the Drawing Flowers Contest and so on.

Thirdly, join any event and make your own floral piece.
The Goyang Korea Flower Show is full of events. For example, I have a friend who got a flowery hand mirror from her boyfriend who made it himself with traditional Korean paper and flowers for her. She says it is the most adorable present ever as not only is it pretty but it also reminds her of the pleasant memory.

It is no exaggeration to say that Goyang is called the City of Flowers and the Lake thanks to the Goyang Korea Flower Show. It is very special to residents and a must for tourists – you will understand why it is said so when you join the show. Why don’t you come and enjoy lovely Korean spring with the beautiful lake and scented flowers in full bloom?