Sunday, October 24, 2010

Second Moon > Ice Pond

One of my favorite..

This was the background music of my web-site that I made as an assigntment in college in 2008.
I still love this song =)

Second Moon > Ice Pond

범죄를 보기만한 다큐멘터리 제작자, 무죄인가 유죄인가?

실제 범죄현장이 포함된 다큐멘터리, Criminals Gone Wild..

이 다큐멘터리의 제작자는 범죄자들을 인터뷰하던 중 실제 범죄를 보게된다.
그는 그 장면을 촬영해 다큐멘터리의 한 장면으로 넣었고 이를 팔아 돈을 벌었다.
물론 제작자는 범죄와 연관된 인물이 아니다.

이 제작자는 유죄인가, 무죄인가?

뉴욕은 그에게 '무죄'를 선언했다.

'착한 사마리안의 법'이 존재하지 않는 뉴욕에서
범죄를 보고 지나치는 일은 죄가 되지 않는다.

무엇이 옳은 것일까?

Becoming an EXPERT

If you faced by challenge and if you struggle in it for a while and then give up,
then you are a LOSER.

If you work hard and overpower it,
then you are an AMATEUR.

If you persevere and keep improving you newly got skill and keep on finding new ways for doing it, then eventually you become a EXPERT in it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Korea is 'Ireland of Asia'?

Ireland and Korea

Have you ever heard that Korea is 'Ireland of Asia'? I don't know who made that nickname, but Korea is called like that by some people in deed.
Do you agree with that? Well, if you know about Korea and Ireland more, you will say 'Yes'. I found they have pretty lots of things in common.

1. Economical

Both are very small countries. That means it's too limited to depend on only manufactoring as their economies grew. Exportation is obviously necessary to survive. For that reason, both of them focused on especially trading and developing international relations and thoes have rapidly brought  economic prosperity to them.

2. Historical

Korea was ruled by Japan as a colony from 1910 to 1945. Ireland was also controlled by England and became independent in 1921. Resistant spirit that they have all the time against their rulers played an important role in their indepence and they still keep that in mind. Consequently, the spirit appears as han in Korea and bron/caoine in Ireland.
(Han and bron/caoine is a sort of deep sorrow or regret, but not exactly. There's no word to experess that kind of feelings in English. If you want to know about han, click here: Jeong and Han, a look at the Korea psyche.)

3. Geographical

Both of them separated into different parts. Korea is spilt into South Korea(the Republic of Korea) and North Korea(Democratic People's Republic of Korea). Ireland is in the similar situation as well, because Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, not 'Repblic of Ireland'.
Moreover, the two conturies are located on the left side of the superpowers which are Japan and the United Kingdom.

There seems to be quite many reasons why people call Korea 'Ireland of Asia', but it can be vice versa, can't it? As a Korean, I would love to say that Ireland is 'Korea of Europe' rather than previous one! ;)

What do you think about this? Do you think that Korea is simailar to Ireland or vice versa?